Resources: Short Edition

In France, a newly short story vending machine is catching people’s eyes in the railway stations. This machine dispenses short stories on receipt paper for free. People can print stories according to the time they got to read. There are 1 minute, 3 minutes, and 5 minutes options on the machine. This is a novel way of reading and it encourages people to read and write. When waiting for the train, people read stories and kill the time. That’s a great idea which was conceived by publishing house Short-Edition.

Let’s come to the paper.  Is the paper any different?

When you see it, you may feel the paper is quite similar with supermarket receipt paper. Yes, the paper is called thermal paper.

Benefits of Thermal Paper and Thermal Printer

  • No need for ink or cartridge to print/ Easy for maintenance

Thermal Paper has a thermal coating which will turn black when exposed to head. The thermal printer in the vending machine has the print head to bring heat to the paper.  So the articles will show up on the paper. Without ink or cartridge, it’s easier for the daily maintenance. Just change the paper when it runs out.

  • Quick and Noiseless printing

The thermal printer in the short story vending machine has the benefit of quick procession and it’s almost noiseless.

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