thermal paper roll qr code
qr code thermal paper

QR code stands for everything. It can be contact information, slogan, website address, mobile app. It’s easy and convienent for business.

For a resautant, we print QR code on the receipt paper. When customer got the receipt paper, they can scan QR code. It turns out a mobile order system. It’s easy and quick to order next time. It can also be a promotion information which encourges customer for second consumption.

How to print QR code on thermal paper?

  1. Thermal paper roll manufacturer can print colorful QR code on front or back of paper by flexographic printing.  The QR code is printed together with other related information to brand your business.
  2. Retailer, supermarket owner can print QR code on the receipt together with transaction information. This needs help of POS system consultant. It’s black color and on front side of receipt.
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