Thermal paper rolls are now widely used in daily life. It’s the receipts you get from supermarket, shopping malls, restaurant, coffee shops, etc. Besides, it’s also used as bus ticket rolls and for tickets of dispenser machines. As featured  public utilities, bus transportation has great benefits to the environment. And due to its low cost and convenience, it’s the best transport vehicle for daily life in urban cities and countries.

Thermal paper and printer stand out for its low noise, quick operation in ticketing system. Most buses, cars and trains use thermal paper roll as client ticket.

Now we offer various paper sizes for bus ticketing system in many countries. 57mm wide paper roll is small, convenient and cheaper than 80mm wide paper. Thus most bus system chooses 57mm wide paper roll and printers. The following is popular sizes.

  • 57mm x 17mt x 12mm
  • 57mm x 40mm x 12mm
  • 57mm x 50mm x 12mm
  • Paper Weight: 48gsm, 55gsm, 65gsm,70gsm
thermal paper bus ticket rolls

For example:

China Railway Station uses thick thermal paper to print tickets for online booking. It shows ID number, Name, Departure Date & Time, etc. After we buy the ticket through mobile app or on computer, we can pick up the ticket via self-service ticket machine.

custom printed thermal paper

Custom Printed Bus Ticket Rolls

As popular public transportation, bus ticket has a huge quantity of audience.  Based on the audience, thermal paper bus ticket is an economic marketing media. We can help to print different logos, ads, slogan on front or back of the ticket.

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