Thermal paper rolls play an important role in business transaction now. It’s a necessary stuff you have to consider when you start a store, whether a bookstore or a retail store. So how to save money when you buy thermal paper rolls?

Thermal paper roll has several features you already knew. Width, diameter, core size are the physical character you can see easily. What about else? Is there any tip you should learn?

They are Thickness and Length.

Most probably, the suitable thermal paper roll for your printer is 80mm x 80mm, which means the width is 80mm and the diameter is also 80mm. You can buy the roll easily to fit into your printer. It’s not that simple. As a boss, you should know their thickness and length, because the thinner the paper is, the longer length the roll has. You can buy a cheaper thick thermal paper, but how long will it run out? Obviously, the roll run out sooner and then you have to buy a new roll. Take 80x80mm as an example, the roll is 60 meters long for 65gsm while 95 meters for 48gsm. Thin paper is 1.5 times longer than thick paper. But the price is less than 1.5 times.  Think paper is usually cheaper than thick paper for same length.

When you buy a thermal paper roll, ask for the paper length and compare the price.

After several researches and comparations, you may get the conclusion also that thin paper is cheaper for same length. Thin paper is more economic for your store. Besides, with longer roll, you decrease the times to change the roll when it runs out. It does good to the printer maintenance.

Buy the more economic paper and Save Your Money!

save money buying thermal rolls
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