how to pack thermal paper--silver foil packing

1) Silver Foil Packing

shrink wrapped packing

2) Shrink Wrapping

shrink wrapped packing

2) Shrink Wrapping-2

OEM packing

3) OEM: Silver Foil Packing with label

loose packing thermal paper

4) Loose Packing

thermal paper oem packing

5) OEM: Single Paper Packing


thermal paper oem packing

1) Kraft Carton

thermal paper oem packing

2) White Box

Thermal Paper has a chemical coating on its surface. When the surface encounters with POS printer’s print-head, it will change color to show text or image. This is how thermal paper works. In this case, for better storage, thermal paper should be kept away from direct sunshine, hot temperature and acid environment.

The new thermal rolls are packed in shrink wrapping plastic film or silver foil. With brown cartons, the chemicals on paper surface stay stable.

*Please keep thermal paper roll at cool, dark place.

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