measure thermal paper roll

Thermal paper roll is widely used in retail and POS indutries as a purchase receipt.

Thermal Paper Rolls are measured by width, outer diameter and inner diameter. Take a thermal paper roll 80mm x 65mm x 12mm as an example,  80mm is the paper width;  65mm is the roll diameter; 12mm is the inner core size.

Width: the most popular widths are 57mm and 80mm. They are also measured as 2 1/4″ and 3 1/8″ by U.S. Unit in America and Canada. Though there’re so many brands of thermal printers in the world, they have some features in common. 80% of  thermal printers are designed to use 57mm(2 1/4 inch) or 80mm(3 1/8 inch) wide paper roll. For some special thermal printers used in Lab, banks, high-tech companies, 110mm, 60mm, 82mm, 210mm wide of paper rolls are needed.

Diameter: Diameter is important. Larger diameter means the paper roll contains longer paper. Thus the roll can be used in long time. The popular diameter for printers is 80mm, 70mm, 60mm, etc. For some mobile/portable thermal printer, the diameter is less as 40mm or 30mm. The printer is quite small so it can be taken along easily.

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