Bank receipt is what we get from Automatic Teller Machine after a transaction at a bank. There are many brands and models of ATM machines, such as Diebold, NCR, Wincor Nixdorf, etc.. To make the perfect ATM paper roll suitable for specific machine, you need to know every aspect of the paper for production. The following are the full details you need to confirm before you order a ATM paper roll. Please check the detail one by one.

1) Paper Type: Thermal vs. Bond

Most ATM machines are designed for thermal paper which is better for printing and maintenance. Thermal paper has a chemical surface which can turn black when exposed to heat. Few ATM machines are used with bond paper. To identify the paper type, you just slide on both sides of the surface by your fingernail. If it turns black, it’s thermal paper.

2) Paper Size: Roll width x Roll Diameter x Inner Core Size

ATM receipt paper rolls

Popular sizes are 80mm x 150mm x 25mm, 80x200x25mm.

3) Plain Roll or Printed with black sense mark

This step is quite easy. Most ATM paper rolls have black sense marks on front or back. The black sense mark help ATM determine the beginning and end of the receipt When the machine detects the sense mark, the knife inside machine will cut the receipt. So clients can take the receipt away after a transaction.

4) Thermal side outside or inside.

Scratch both sides of the paper with your fingernail. If the outside surface turns black, thermal side is out(TSO).

5) Is sense mark on thermal side or non-thermal side

6) Sense mark size(width x height), position and sensor distance

If you are still confused about the details, you can just send us a small roll as a sample. We will handle the rest for you.

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