As the development of mobile payment, thermal paper consumption has descreased at a rapid speed. Even though, customer are handing tons of receipts each day. And there is an interest fact that the custom printed thermal paper rolls are increasing their market share. Who are consuming custom rolls?
Here are a few industries which prefer to custom printed paper rolls.

1. Fast Food Chains and Restaurants

Mcdonald’s, Burger King, KFC, Pizza Hut, Subway

2. Lottery

3. Coffee Shops


4. Supermarkets

Carrefour, Walmart, Tesco

5. Clothes Stores


Why are they choosing custom printed thermal paper rolls?

Because custom printed thermal paper rolls cost less but create high revenues.

1. Low cost

Thermal paper receipts are the daily consumption for business transactions. The custom rolls only cost a little bit more than plaine rolls. The well-known business giants spend millions of dollars on marketing every year. They playy advertisements on television and sponsor for TV shows or a special event. That cost much more compared with custom printed rolls with different ads. The custom printed rolls are a low-cost method for advertisements.

2. Increase the brand explosure

Each thermal paper, like a 80×80, contains at least 300 piceces of receipt. This means 1 dollar can target hundreds of audience. This is fast and effective.

3. Convert customer and encourge further interaction

The advertisement on thermal paper can be designed according to custom requirement. They can set a coupon which will enourge clients come back again. Or they can introduce their new products or promote for a special event.

Remark: Custom Printed Thermal Paper is the best option for companies who have budget on marketing, no matter little or large budget.

custom printed thermal paper
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