Custom Printed Paper Rolls are customized paper rolls printed with different artwork(logo, website, QR code, telephone, address, promotion code,etc).

In the competitive thermal paper market, custom printed paper rolls are eye-catching and easy to stand out. The printed roll is colorful and appealing. With pre printed business information in color format (branded thermal rolls), it enlarges the sales and benefits for the branding. It’s a new marketing tool. Comparing with traditional media, this costs  barely nothing but it’s quite beneficial.

 What can be printed on thermal roll by factory?

Logo, ads, contact information, promotion code, slogan, QR code, return & refund policy etc. In other word, whatever you want in text or picture within limited colors. Even it’s not for business, you can print any your interest as you like. Usually, our thermal paper factory limits the color of artwork within 4 or 5 colors. This will cost less and produces quickly. Cinema ticket, lotteries, bank receipts are all made by thermal paper. These industries have a fixed model for the artwork.

custom printed paper rolls

Where to print on receipt paper?

The logo, ads, QR code, etc can be printed on both sides of paper.  On the front side, It’ better print on left and right side, not to occupying the middle space which need to be printed with sales info by vendor. Or you can print in the middle of thermal side, but the color need to be very light color, not to affect printing. On the non-thermal side, there’s no much limit cause.

How many ads can I put on one thermal paper roll?

There’s a limit on the length of artwork/ads. The paper roll is usually 57mm or 80mm wide. You can design the width of ad within this. The printing machine works with printing plate. The length of printing plate is 9 inch, 10 inch to 15 inch. You can put ads as many as you can within the length of plate.

Applications for pre/custom printed paper rolls:

  • Cinema Ticket
  • Lottery Ticket
  • Bus Ticket Roll
  • Bank ATM Receipt Roll
  • Credit Card Terminal with promotion
  • Government Business Receipt
custom printed thermal paper
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