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Thermal Paper for Instant Camera

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The instant camera is a type of camera which uses self-developing film to create a chemically developed print shortly after taking the picture. Even though almost everyone has a phone, people can take photos any time any where, instant camera still has its market. The instant camera is very small and easy to use. It can [...]

Blue Image Thermal Paper Rolls

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Thermal paper was often described as paper with a chemical coating which will turn black when exposed to heat. It's true that black image thermal paper occupied the market. Actually, thermal paper could also be produced with blue image.  Blue image thermal paper is a new choice to figure out problem of paper shortage and high price in 2017 and [...]

Thermal Paper Roll for Restaurants and Fast Food Chains

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Thermal Paper Rolls are widely used as customer receipts in restaurants and fast food chains. The restaurant chains (like McDonald’s, KFC, Subway, Pizza Hut, Burger King) consume tons of thermal receipts everyday.  Why is thermal paper chosen? The fast food chains are popular for its quick serving speed, unique and coincident taste. It accelerates every process, including checkout speed. Thus, [...]

The Palace Museum Cancelled Paper Tickets—Paper Demand is Down

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The Palace Museum has cancelled the paper tickets since October 1, 2017. From October, all tickets will be booked online. And it doesn't need to print tickets before entering the museum. This is just one example recently. With the development of smart phone and mobile payment, paper tickets become a replaceable part of business. As a result, paper demand [...]

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