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9 11, 2017

Connect Chemicals’ Temporary Shutdown

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Date: September, 2017 Connect Chemicals has been shutdown temporarily for at least 3 months, while they are rectifying to meet environmental standards. China lanuched strict environmental inspection from 2016. The govenment shut down polluting factories, mines and processing facilities. For paper industry, they eliminated backward and excess capacity and shut down many small paper factories.  This [...]

9 11, 2017

Update: Global Thermal Paper Shortage in 2018

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Background (Date: November, 2017): Connect Chemicals, the world's largest supplier of leuco dye chemical to make thermal paper, was shut down by China government due to environment reasons in September, 2017. China launched strict environment inspection from 2016. The government closed polluting factories, mines and processing facilities. For paper industry, they eliminated backward and excess capacity and [...]

8 11, 2017

History of Thermal Paper

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The earliest direct thermal papers were developed by NCR Corporation (using dye chemistry) and 3M (using metallic salts). The NCR technology became the market leader over time, although the image would fade rather rapidly compared with the much more expensive, but durable 3M technology. Texas Instruments invented the thermal print head in 1965, and [...]

8 11, 2017

How to Identify Thermal Paper?–Am I Using Thermal Paper?

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How to tell if a receipt is thermal paper? Thermal paper roll is everywhere in daily life. In a fast chain restaurant, it consumes plenty of receipts per month. The consumption is also huge in supermarkets, banks, hospitals everyday. When you start a thermal paper business or consume rolls for your business, you need [...]

2 11, 2017

Why Thermal Paper Price is Increasing so Much?

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Date: October, 2017 After decades of stable price, thermal paper situation has changed since 2016. Thermal paper price has been increased month by month, sometimes even week by week. Why does this happen? 1. Local environmental factor. To protect the environment, China lunched environmental inspection in 2016. They shut down polluting [...]

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